Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress







It is now ‘Little Black Dress Season’ well the count down to it. How many of you out there hate this time of year, the build up to the party season? where you walk around every shop and stall just to find a dress or suit that makes you look half decent, when in fact you look like a sack of spuds and last years turkey.

Now I can sit here and give out advice about what diet you should be doing, telling you that you should get into those running shoes and start pounding the pavement. (however no matter how good you think you look, it will always start to piddle down and you look like a drowned rat, just as you decide that you need to run into the cutest man/female) As you sputter and try to gain back some dignity, they walk past you in a look of horror and start to think you are a person possessed.

Please don’t get me wrong, if this is what you want to do and it makes you feel good then who am I to stop you doing it. What I am trying to say is that you do not need to start any kind of torture to get you to feel good for the Holiday season.

We need to start to love ourselves, lumps, bumps and all in between. Look at our faces and really concentrate on what it is we like about ourselves, we focus to much on what we do not like. Think about it, would we have so many friends and family around us if we were really as bad as we seem to see ourselves.

Look at your qualities that people love you for and then really look at yourself and say that you are great.

SEXY is a word that I feel is something that comes from the mind, if you feel sexy then you will come across confident and sexy, but again it is something that only we can feel, no one can make you feel sexy. How often have you put something on to wear and thought, i do look good? and then you go out and get the job, pass the test etc. That is because sexy builds confidence and confidence builds you. I’m not on about walking around the streets in next to nothing, again the less you show then the more sexy it becomes.

So, you ask, how do you get to feel these feelings without changing what you are doing?

There are a lot of different books out there to make sure you follow the rule to the letter, I feel that you should look at the different self help books and then pick what you feel would work for you. We are formed from a text book so why would you think that one theory fits all. You know yourself better than anyone else around, i mean you met yourself 9 months before you were born. Unless you were a twin, you were in there on your own. So sit down and really think what you can do to make you feel good.

I have put together my list of what i do if i want to look good or feel good at any time.

  1. Drink water – I know that they say you must drink water and water and then some more water to feel hydrated and fresh and in a way i do agree with this. I drink water to stop me getting headaches, I feel so sluggish if i do not drink a certain amount during the day. My family can also tell if i dont drink enough as i become very craggy and snap.
  2. Sleep – I am a terrible sleeper, border line insomniac if i am honest, but it only makes sense that if you are out and about a lot of the little black dress season, that when you are home that you take time to relax.
  3. Pampering – Take a glass of wine, or what ever you want, bubbles and candles and soak in the bath. I don’t read, just to lay there and feel the stress just float away.
  4. Look after your skin – I have a terrible problem with my skin and if i am stressed it will fire up and i look like a craggy zombie on a Friday night. I do have special creams and potions from the doctor so i have to make sure that i apply them religiously during this season, and that includes taking off any make up.
  5. SHOES – I have so many pairs of shoes in my house that i could wear a different pair every day for about 2 years. BUT!!!!!! a girl can never have to many pairs of shoes, so i would say go out and choose the shoes before you get the dress. Choose the shoes and bag before, it is so important.
  6. Spend time with girlfriends or people that you trust. Try not to take the man in your life as he will say you look good in an old sack if it means he gets home before the end of what ever sport is on the telly. So girlfriends and family will give you a honest answer to something.
  7. The lastly i like to go and get my nails and hair done, get waxed and preened and pampered.

Now as i Said this is what i do to make me feel good, and you will have your own way to get there. HOWEVER if you do not want to diet and go pounding the streets then please do not put yourself through it to get into that little black dress. In fact why even stick to BLACK xx


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