3 Events that are coming up.

We have three events happening for you all over the next week. They are all different and showcase what we at Zest Events do best. We are great at brining you an organised event that you will enjoy and remember for a long time.

We love conducting events as we enjoy talking and meeting new people along the way. 

Please see below the next three events that we have 


Combined Psychic Demonstrations with a private seance and psychic investigation.

Late night seance

EastLeigh Irish bar, 19.06.15 for 20.30 start

Come and join Andrew Livingstone as he conducts a night of Psychic Demonstration before we move on to a late night seances.
This place is normally a place of laughter and fun, but is there anything lurking down in the cellars, around dark corners or maybe just behind you.
This is a new venue for Andrew and he is excited to find out what there is in a location that is over 100 years old.
Tickets for this will be split in to what part of the event you wish to attend.
For the Psychic evening tickets are £10.00pp
For the late night seance tickets are £21.00pp
For both events tickets cost £27.00pp
Please contact me for more details on this event.


Tiger Tiger Wedding fair

Tiger Tiger wedding fair

wedding fair, Tiger Tiger – Portsmouth 28.06.15

As we step out into a new journey with Tiger Tiger Portsmouth Organising their weddings.
We decided that we would like to invite you to see what can be done with this amazing venue.
We have room for approx 30-40 stalls and we will have no more than 2-3 of vendors with the same category.
We will be holding a wedding show in the ‘Club Room’ with the idea that there will be fashion shows for other wedding guests as well as the Bride.
There will be a space where you can come and talk with Zest and Tiger Tiger if you are interested in having a wedding with us, and we will be able to talk you through what it is that we can do for you.
So please contact me if you are interested in a stall or if you are interested in attending and i will be able to give you more details and information.


Ladies Night at Arty’s at The Coach House

Arty's at The Coach House

Arty’s at The Coach House

Our ladies nights are making an appearance due to you ladies asking for them.
Tonight’s events will be as follows…
1.5 Hour of sexy salsa dancing, teaching you to wiggle those hips, so you can go home and impress your sexy Latin lover what you have been taught.
1 Hour of adult balloon making. I have no idea what he is going to do, but i am very interested.
We also have a Photo Booth for a hour so you can go in and take pictures. (these will be distributed free of charge at a later date)
We have 6 stalls of Pampering.
Tickets will be £10.00



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