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Annmarie and Mark

Annmarie and Mark – Company Directors

In 2013 Annmarie and Mark embarked on their long held ambition to build on their experience and launch an events company with a difference. We started with the name Crystal and Lace, but we felt that this didn’t really represent what we do and so we engaged a marketing agency to help us re-brand. We discussed our concept for the company and our ideas with them, and were delighted with the new name they suggested and the logo they produced really represented us so well. So on 1st January 2015 we became Zest Events.

We have been organising family Weddings, Christenings and Birthday Parties for many years and decided to put this expertise together with our Business Management and corporate experience to launch events company. We are a small family run business that prides itself on building an excellent relationship with both customers and suppliers. When ever possible we aim to meet with every company we work with. We treat people with kindness, respect and appreciate all the work they put into their business and talents.


Rosalind Chewter – Event Team Leader.

Rosalind is always smiling, she can make your darkest day turn into a lighter one. Rosalind’s customer service is          beyond what is excepted. The children love her and the Oldies love her, everyone loves her. In all the event167739_1648482046513_1579751_ns we have done, I can not think of a single event where she was not like. Rosalind was in the company when we were Crystal and Lace, so it was a natural progression that she came across to the Zest team.





Sarita Chewter – Team member11951777_10155919325385307_8707088422511056442_n

Sarita has also been with Zest since we Crystal and Lace. She is a very quite but caring person and always makes sure that everyone is happy and looked after. In her real life, she works for Noel Fixpatrick (Bionic vet) at his practice in Surrey. She is an avid horse love and had tamed her horse for 3 years now, after he was badly treated. She brings all her compassion, thoughtfulness and love to her work with Zest. Do not be fooled though she does have a wicked side.

Megan Deakin – Team member.
10622958_10203423892411580_3073301303475950710_nMegan is Annmarie and Mark’s daughter and she is always running around on fair days, doing every thing she can to keep the stall holders happy. She currently at collage and wants to be some thing in Forensic Science. She is 18 in 2016 and can not wait, she can the go along to some of the Ladies nights that have been organised.



So that is our team and we are always happy to help in what ever we can. If you want to ask a question to any member of the team then please email – enquiry@zest-events.co.uk and we will answer you within a week. This could also be something that makes the newsletter

So remember that we will be with you every step of the way, from the first consultation to the frantic phone calls late at night because you may have thought of something else, and on until the event is over and we are sitting down with a cuppa. We add that little bit of sparkle, because you always need that sparkle! As well as being there at an affordable price.