In the week we celebrated our Monarch’s 90th Birthday, with a section on Royal Trivia. This turned out to be a great success and you were all really interested in the facts we provided. Because of this we have decided that we will be doing some trivia facts, ranging from weird and wonderful British
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Right regal trivia

Today the Queen celebrates a milestone birthday, as she becomes the first British monarch to reign as a nonagenarian. Here at Zest we love a quirky fact so in honour of Her Majesty’s 90th, we thought we would treat you to some regal trivia about our Queen. Happy Birthday ma’am! The Queen has visited 116
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surprise party

Planning a Surprise Party

Whether it is for significant birthday, baby shower or wedding anniversary, a surprise party can be a great occasion. But as with any event, the key success is all in the planning. Here at Zest we have put together our top tips for throwing the perfect surprise celebration.

wedding dress

Choosing the perfect wedding dress

For any prospective bride, choosing a wedding dress can be the most fun (and stressful) part of planning her big day – it is certainly one of the most important. Yet finding the perfect dress is far from an exact science. Here at Zest we have put together 7 key steps on your road to finding
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Our Name in Cup-Cakes! We are famous.

          A couple of weeks ago, Tresslyn called and said that she has a little gift for us all. I have to say, I am not great at not waiting for surprises. I am a very calm, collected and reserved person!!!! OK truth be told I am none those things. (sometimes
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A to Z of happiness Part 2

Now that the sun has finally made an appearance, here at Zest we are full of the joys of spring, so what better time to come back to our A to Z of happiness!

Organizing a fair/fete at a venue

Organizing a fair/fete at a venue

        Yesterday Tresslyn and I hosted Portsmouth Heroes Family Fun-day, and there were a few people at the event who asked what is needed to host an event. They wanted to know what it was that went on behind closed doors. So i thought i would put together a little list of
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PORTSMOUTH HEROES FAMILY FUNDAY         Wow, we had a very busy and amazing day at the Holiday Inn yesterday for our Portsmouth Heroes fun-day. Check out the pictures (donated from Lloyd Richard Photography, there is a link to his company on the friends of Zest)


Taking the perfect selfie!

Do you remember good old 35mm camera film? Snapping merrily away at the office Christmas party or family wedding, only to have to endure a week’s wait before you could pick up your lovely glossy envelope of developed photographs from the chemist! Fast forward to today’s era of the smartphone and social media and all that
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2 more Testimonials from Charity Night

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