Posters for upcoming events.

Due to there being a large amount of posters and events for the rest of 2016, I felt that it was becoming very daunting for people and they may be overloaded with posters from Zest Events.   Therefore I have decided that it will be better to add the posters here and then copy and
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Zest Events and the Cannon Under 9’s

Zest Events and the Cannon Under 9’s

Now as a mother of 2, one son aged 20 and a daughter aged 18 that have had no interest in sport. So when it came up about us sponsoring a under 9’s football kit, we were a little unsure if we would understand the off side rule.  We will need to read up on that off
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Olympic Games in Rio

So exciting! The Olympic Games in Rio are approaching fast ! Only one month to go and we will be celebrating.. hopefully, a few golden medals! For this occasion Zest Events is organising a Rio Party on 30th July 2016 at 7.30pm at the Mountbatten leisure centre, Alexandra park, Portsmouth.

Circus Carnival Party Ideas

Nothing screams vibrant, fun, summer vibes than a circus carnival party…a true occasion to lift the spirits of everyone invited and involved! So, we thought we’d share a few tips from food to décor to activities to help you plan the perfect circus carnival party in your own backyard.  Circus Carnival Party Food & Drink 
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bride and groom

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

Of the many decisions that need to be made in planning your big day, choosing a wedding photographer is one of the most critical. Long after the wedding cake has been eaten and the honeymoon tans have faded, all you will be left with is your wedding album and your memories of the day. So
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Easy ideas for your summer party

A relaxed BBQ, vintage cream tea with the girls, or a fun afternoon with the kids; summer is all about about time with friends and family, long days chilling out in the sunshine and making happy memories. Whether it is a planned celebration or an impromptu get together, here are our favourite easy, inexpensive ideas
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Strange British Laws!!

I am a Brit born and bred, I am very patrotic and love our royals. But even I have to sit back and laugh at the strange British by-laws we still have in this country. I look through and wonder what would happen if, you were to drop an apple core on the road between
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  In the week we celebrated our Monarch’s 90th Birthday, with a section on Royal Trivia. This turned out to be a great success and you were all really interested in the facts we provided. Because of this we have decided that we will be doing some trivia facts, ranging from weird and wonderful British
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Right regal trivia

Today the Queen celebrates a milestone birthday, as she becomes the first British monarch to reign as a nonagenarian. Here at Zest we love a quirky fact so in honour of Her Majesty’s 90th, we thought we would treat you to some regal trivia about our Queen. Happy Birthday ma’am! The Queen has visited 116
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surprise party

Planning a Surprise Party

Whether it is for significant birthday, baby shower or wedding anniversary, a surprise party can be a great occasion. But as with any event, the key success is all in the planning. Here at Zest we have put together our top tips for throwing the perfect surprise celebration.

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