Zest Corporate and Charity

Zest Corporate.

We have worked with various hotels and venues in the Hampshire area, delivering affordable entertainment to both hotel guests and members of the public.

We work with companies to comprise packages for corporate events including corporate team building days.

If you are interested in working with Zest Events either as a corporate customer or as an entertainer then please contact us to arrange a meeting.

Zest Charity.

F.A.Z.E Association x









We are happy to announce that in 2016 we will be launching FAZE. FAZE is part of our company that deals with fundraising. We are not picking a certain charity, but we have decided that we would do events through out the year.

All monies that are raised will be collected and held with our accountant. We will then look at local charities and see what is needed. We are looking to buy equipment, pay for trips and transport or donate to Hospitals etc in the area. We are hoping to work with small independent charities and see what they need.

Our first event for this will be 18th December 2016

Faze Launch


Zest Events and ‘Break a Leg Theatre Company’

Zest Events and Cannon under 9’s Football Team.

Zest Events and Cannon under 9's

Zest Events and Cannon under 9’s

Just recently we have been given the opportunity to sponsor a football team’s away kit. Now we do not know the first thing about football and we don’t try to pretend that we do. However the football team belong to an old friend of mine and it was a great opportunity as previously said.

We will be writing updates on where they are in the league and on all their wins and triumphs.

Watch-out for pictures and updates through out 2016/2017.