Easter Parade with Zest Events

Decorated Bunny from the Easter Parade

Decorated Bunny from the Easter Parade

On Easter Monday we had our Easter Parade at the British Queen in Portsmouth.

I was very excited about this event because I do love the fun and games we have with children at this time of year. Where mine are grown up they do amuse me and join in but I can see that this is through gritted teeth and will do everything they can to slip away without me noticing.

Thankfully for them, this year we had arranged this event and I could act all silly in front of children that would appreciate my art of being the clown. It takes a lot of work to act like this and its not east 😉

We had Sarah’s Sweet Stand and Hanna’s Beads where children could make and design their own bracelets. There was 60 eggs to be found and also a craft table, then to top it all off we had a ‘Doctor Who’ character turn up with a sonic screwdriver that made a very odd noise.

The sun was out and it was a lovely day. The garden was the place to be so it seemed and to be honest it really was like summer out there and not Easter. Especially as Easter is early this year.

So we had the entertainment, had the stalls and we had the character. All we needed was the children. It did not take long before we had some children interested in the Parade and what there was for them to do. The kids were really well behaved and I expected that they would be running around screaming and enjoying themselves. These children seemed a little subdue  to be honest, I think I was more excited than they were, don’t get me wrong they were enjoying themselves and really that is the main thing. The parents enjoyed it as well, the pub garden and area we were in was closed off so they knew that the children were safe.

When we came to the Easter egg hunt, again I was expecting there to be a huge influx of children, screaming and shouting worse than bridesmaids at a wedding bouquet being thrown at a wedding.

What we got was all the children together, planning out their plan of attack. Which I am impressed to say was – ‘Lets collect all the eggs, put them together and then share them out between ourselves’

I was very humbled by this and the idea that kids of today are selfish was totally blown out of the water on Easter Monday. They were all fantastic, well behaved, helpful, polite, and selfless and i felt very pleased to have spent the afternoon with them all.

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