Energise your corporate event with healthy superfoods

The key to success for your corporate event could be as simple as catering healthy superfood and drink. The right refreshments can be a tool to keep your participants at peak performance and get the most out of your agenda! Instead of fuelling fatigue, here are some examples of great food for thought.


Scientists believe Sushi is one of the reasons why the Japanese are among the most healthiest people in the world. Serving sushi at your event would provide a wide mix of fresh and healthy flavours. Whilst giving a great balance between carbohydrates and protein to maintain high energy levels for longer.


There is something so satisfying about kebabs. Plus, they are a super customisable option that can be tailored to suit everyones dietary needs. Want to load up on the spices, vegetables or meat? No problem! Just make sure to cook them chargrilled for the ultimate taste sensation.

Fruit, Nuts and Cheese

Presented staple foods together to make them more exciting. Contrasting sharp and sweet flavours or textures to compliment each other. Dried fruit such as peaches and apricots are tasty fibre sources, with nuts releasing slow burning energy. With their proven nutritional value, superfoods are an essential for any long working event. 

Here at Zest events, we understand the amount of preparation that goes into planning a corporate event. A day out of the office needs to be justified with high productivity, and we believe that starts from the stomach up! To find out how we can help you make your training, meeting or seminar days run smoothly, please contact us.

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