Mayday Fair – Wymering Manor.


In December, 1858, the Reverend George Nugee became (following the death of his younger brother Andrew) Vicar of Wymering. It was during his time here that he opened the first May-Day fair at the Manor.

Along with Torchlight Heritage and Wymering Manor, we reinstated this tradition. We welcomed members of the public to be part of our celebrations. Our doors were to be open at 11.00am and it brought a very warm smile to our faces to see that we had people waiting at the gate.

When the public had brought raffle tickets, played a few games and then also threw wet sponges at someone they wanted placed in the stocks. They were then taken around the Manor for a guided tour, which also had a quiz for the little ones.

Then at the end of the tour we served tea and cake. By the end of the day, the tours went well with each guide leading at least 4 tours each. (that is a lot of talking) People left with cake in their bellies and a warmth in their heart, as the Manor takes hold of their hearts and gets under their skin.

All the staff were amazing. Shattered but amazing  and we can not wait for the next event.



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