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Zest Events is one of the leading specialist event organising companies in the south of England. We are based in Portsmouth and arrange events throughout Hampshire and the neighbouring counties. The events we organise are "out of the ordinary" in style, content and delivery. So either join us at one of our own spectacular scheduled gatherings or let us arrange your bespoke event.

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Christmas Party

One of the big questions around the season is the Christmas office party. Do you go or not. This is really something that only you can decide, you need to do what feels right for you. As we know the office party can either be a great night or a complete flop. My sister works
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Unusal Christmas Facts

Here are just a few little facts that you may or may not know. I enjoyed researching this topic and i could have added some stranger facts but i thought that this may have been a tad to far. Santa Claus was not created by Coke Cola. There are many rumours of who created Santa
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Top Wedding tips (G)

    Groom’s cake A tradition that comes from America, a groom’s cake – will sit near the wedding cake or on a separate table at the reception. it is a fun addition and normally represents his hobbies or likes. Do you remember the film ‘Steele Magnolia’s’ The groom’s cake in that was an armadillo,
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