Out of the Ordinary Events.

Zest Events is one of the leading specialist event organising companies in the south of England. We are based in Portsmouth and arrange events throughout Hampshire and the neighbouring counties. The events we organise are "out of the ordinary" in style, content and delivery. So either join us at one of our own spectacular scheduled gatherings or let us arrange your bespoke event.

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Rain on your Wedding Day!

  When you organise your wedding, everything that you can control, you control. However the one thing that always holds a big question mark is the weather, now depending in the date of your wedding you may be able to have a good guess. For example you would like to think that in the middle
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Christmas Tree

The Christmas Tree is usually an Evergreen conifer, the customs of the Christmas Tree was developed in early Germany but other resources can date this as far back as the 16th century, where devout Christians would bring a tree through to the house. The rest of the world took an interest during the second half
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Christmas Food

Sometimes at Christmas we all get lost in our words and eat the same thing time over and over again. So i decided to have a look at some of the traditions around the world. In Albania they eat rice cooked on Christmas eve and it contains a wheat flour, pumpkins, walnuts, veg oil or
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