Out of the Ordinary Events.

Zest Events is one of the leading specialist event organising companies in the south of England. We are based in Portsmouth and arrange events throughout Hampshire and the neighbouring counties. The events we organise are "out of the ordinary" in style, content and delivery. So either join us at one of our own spectacular scheduled gatherings or let us arrange your bespoke event.

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Halloween Invites

Your invites not only need to be informative (which will go into down a bit) but also need to look good. There are no rules to what your invite has on it and Halloween is the only time you can let all HELL let loose. Get the children involved, make a mess with glue and
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Halloween Time

So we have picked a date, and its now time to pick timings. What needs to be taken in to consideration is the age of your children. Look at the bedtimes you normally have at a weekend or during the holidays and work from that. I would say that the children will be bouncing of
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Halloween – Choose a date.

  So you have given in and agreed to hold the Halloween party of the year. The first and most important thing that you need to think about is the date! I know that Halloween is the 31st October, however your party’s sucsess will all depend on the date that you choose. If Halloween is
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