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Zest Events is one of the leading specialist event organising companies in the south of England. We are based in Portsmouth and arrange events throughout Hampshire and the neighbouring counties. The events we organise are "out of the ordinary" in style, content and delivery. So either join us at one of our own spectacular scheduled gatherings or let us arrange your bespoke event.

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Halloween costume pirate

The 5 Best Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Time to Celebrate! At Zest Events, we cannot believe it is Autumn already! Autumn has so many occasions to celebrate, but one of our favourites is Halloween! With parties and trick or treating, you and your family are sure to be busy. Here are our top tips on Halloween costume ideas to help your kids
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What would you do if it rained on your wedding day?

So what would you do if it rained on your wedding day? The weather unfortunately is something that we can not control. So instead of worrying, make the most of it. Below are 7 reasons as to why you want rain on your wedding courtesy of ‘Brides.com’ 1. You’ll love your photos. When you think
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Friday Feelings 23.09.16

              At last some of you say!! Its Friday. Time to close the computer, turn of your phone and make your way back home for the weekend. Are you planning anything this weekend. Let us know and we will mention the best one on Monday.