How to create the perfect table theme for your spring event

Spring has sprung. There’s no denying it.

Gone are the warm and cosy fires of winter, and here are the lighter days, crisp mornings and brisk evenings. We can’t say we are complaining here at Zest. We simply love celebrating spring!

If you do too and are a bit stuck on theme ideas for your event, then we’ve assembled this great list of the best Spring themes! Enjoy.

Spring Greens

No one can deny that the smell of fresh green plants is divine! Take this beautiful smell and adorn your party with it – ferns are great as a long centrepiece for a table. Alternatively, place used seed packets on top of napkins to echo your green-thumbed theme.

Flower Power

If the robin is a sign for winter, then the daffodil is spring. Use the yellow of the daffodil in your napkins, place settings and candles, as well as incorporating the wonderful flower into your centre pieces.












Spring Picnic

The sun is returning and this calls for celebration. Surprise your guests by taking your table outside and hosting a fun picnic! Use grain sack napkins to give that rustic feel and decorate your table with wildflowers. Your guests will feel like they are eating on a summers evening.

Fresh Linen

Freshness is what spring is all about – and what could be more fresh than a clean and crisp white theme for your table. Create a powerful feel of freshness by using a white linen table cloth and napkins. Soft white flowers and crockery will give added delicacy, leaving your guests feeling ready for the season.


Here at Zest we adore the intricacies of event planning, and deciding on the theme can be one of the hardest jobs to do!

Relieve yourself from this and give us a call to organise your event or wedding. We ensure that all your needs are met and your themes are catered to with perfection

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