Thursday Question – Champagne or Prosecceo?

Thursday Questions






For a long time now, we have always associated bubbles with celebrating. Bubbles come out when we want to toast or wish someone well, at weddings, christenings, when we have brought a house, Christmas, birthdays and even death. No matter what, bubbles have played a part in our lives from start to finish.

However as life has moved on, bubbles are become a drink that we can have when we want and where we want.

With companies now making Sparkling wine and Prosecco at prices that Jo Public can afford on a weekly basis. So the question I am asking is if we still see champagne as something to celebrate with or can we use something that is just as good but at half the price.

On a personal level, I am not a lover of Champagne, Mark is but I feel that it is something that is very dry and even arid to taste.

I’m a Prosecco girl, I think it has a lot smoother feel and even a small taste of ice-cream. I would have to say that no matter what the celebration I would prefer to drink this over champagne. I am even partial to some English bubbles also. We live just down the road from Hambledon Vine Yard and the water that comes from that place are second to none.

What ever you decide, there is no wrong or right answer. You choose what you want to drink and leave it at that. (My mum had her own bottle of Lambresco on my wedding day)


One top tip for you though, don’t ask me how i know, i just do.

If you go to the pub, wine bar or restaurant and they offer you Prosecco on tap, then this is not the real deal. Like Champagne, Prosecco is only sold in bottles.


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