Top virgin cocktails that will blow away your guests

Dry January? Not to worry!

January is always a tough time to throw an event, we all know and understand the health kick that sweeps the nation, and how hard it can make catering for everyone.

Here, however, at Zest Events we love it! It gives us the chance to show off our favourite fabulous virgin cocktails. They are perfect for adding a little fun to the usual soft party drinks.

To aid any party thrower who is having a hard time thinking up ways to keep Dry January-ers and the kids happy at events, we have compiled a shortlist of our favourite non-alcoholic cocktails. Enjoy!


Thanks to Life tastes like food for this great recipe!

1. Blackberry Mint Spritzer

For those who are loving the snuggly warm festive feeling. This virgin-cocktail is great as it is easy to make and really tasty! Just add 5 blackberries, 10 mint leaves and a dash of sugar syrup to a cup

and muddle together (a wooden spoon will do the trick), add sparkling water, top up with ice, lime and extra mint leaves for garnish. Brilliant look, beautiful flavour.

2. Virgin Apple Mojito

If you have any guests that are hankering for summer – this is the mocktail of choice. Derived from the rum-laced mojito, this refreshing drink will have adults and kids loving it alike. All you need do is muddle 8-10 mint leaves with 5 lime wedges in the bottom of a glass, add some sugar syrup and muddle again. Top the drink up about half way with apple juice and add some crushed ice. Finally top up with a dash of soda water and a mint leaf for garnish.

3. Arizona Sunrise

This drink is a great one for the kids, really fruity and tasty. It’s also super easy for adults to make! Just add a dash of Grenadine to the bottom of a glass, add some ice, then mix lemonade and orange juice together separately and gently pour over the grenadine to create a beautiful two tonal look. A surefire way to impress any young party goer.

4. Millionaire Sour

This virgin cocktail is more for the grown ups. With a little bit of a kick from some lemon sugar syrup, its a taste for the more refined tongue. Just add lemon sugar syrup and 2 fluid ounces of ginger ale to the bottom of a glass filled with ice and stir. Drop in a little grenadine for colour and garnish with lemon and a maraschino cherry. Perfect for a classier evening do.


All credit to The Peach Kitchen for this great water infusion idea!

5. Blueberry and Orange Infused Water

This is our favourite non-alcoholic drink for the January party season. It is tasty and light, whilst being super easy to make and will thrill any guests on a health kick. All you need for this recipe is 3 ingredients – water, blueberries and oranges. Mix 2 sliced mandarin oranges and a handful of blueberries to a pitcher filled will water and leave in the fridge from 2 to 24 hours to infuse. Alternatively, if you are after extra flavour, then you can muddle the ingredients a bit before putting in the fridge.


If you feel like jazzing up any of our lovely recipes then you can always think of exciting ways to serve them, in jam jars or coconuts for instance.

If this list has blown away your January blues then why not get in contact with us at Zest Events to help you plan your next event? We have a variety of tools and expertise to suit any event for any guests and love making January a great month for all!

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