Wednesday Worries

Wednesday Worries







This Week’s worry comes from Heather Richardson.

‘I love doing events but find a lot of people charge too much for tables as i do mine for charity’

Good Morning Heather,

I can see that this is or can be a problem for people that run charities and charity organisations. You want to do your best for the charity, but also you want to ensure that you can make your site fee back.

As a person that has hosted fairs and markets as well as attending them, I know that this is also a grey area. Like the vendor, we need to make money to cover our site fees and also to make a profit.

See below on how you can work with Event Management companies

We are a charity organisation, can you let me know if we can have a reduction on our site fee?

In the first instance, the Event Managers may ask for paperwork to confirm that you are working or collecting on behalf of a charity.

Legally there is nothing to say that Event Managers have to give a discount with stall holders, as mentioned above they are also there to make a profit and also run a business.

Maybe you could approach the Event Managers an ask them for a discount if you completed a group booking. Maybe ask for a price for 3 events and then ask for 10% discount. This will not only give you some discount, but it will also allow the Event manager to hold 3 secured sites.

You could also ask the Event Planners if you could have buckets out, to let people know that there is a charity in the venue and any help would be very much appreciated.

There may also be some way to compromise with advertising, if you are able to advertise the event.

I know from a Event company that we did not offer charity spaces when we first started. It was when we held a charity event we realised the amount of time and effort people put in with no return. We now offer a charity rate at the events.

No matter what there should always be room for compromise, negotiation and working together.

Alternatively, you could run an event for the charity and this way you may be able to keep all profits after costs.

Hope that this helps?


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